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We are an outdoor wellness community brought together by the desire to become healthier, gain full control over our bodies and connect and engage with our environment and the people around us.

We work out outdoors, using Barcelona as our playground. We have sessions in different disciplines that keep the workouts fun and dynamic while challenging and improving your fitness level in different ways.

All levels are welcome! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you’ll find that our sessions are suited for everyone!


What you get from joining FitPack


  • Work on ALL aspects of physical fitness: body composition, flexibility, endurance, etc.
  • Full body workouts
  • Improve control over your body
  • Exercise with proper technique and posture. We got your back!


  • Work out at Barcelona landmarks
  • Become part of a fun, open and active community!
  • Get out of closed spaces!
  • Join our social activities too!


  • Effective workouts and out in the open!
  • Adopt healthy habits and increase your resolve
  • Surf trips, ski trips, rock climbing & more!


  • Feel better after every session
  • Calm your mind
  • Increase focus, energy levels and productivity
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression


Group sessions

Fun and dynamic group fitness sessions in different disciplines that will improve different aspects of your fitness.

Personal training

Personalized sessions in fitness, nutrition or lifestyle coaching. Everything tailored to your needs and lifestyle!


22-day program where you will improve your fitness level, learn about nutrition and be guided on adopting healthier habits.


Escape the city and join a life-changing experience where you will get workouts, yoga sessions, outdoor activities and healthy meals!

Wellness at the workplace

Improve the well-being of your employees and, in turn, increase their productivity and the comradery between them.

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Aticco Verdaguer, Carrer de Provença, 339, 08037 Barcelona